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Under Armour Grassroots Premier Team Network

Under Armour Grassroots Premier Team Network

What is “Under Armour Grassroots Premier Team Network” (UA PTN)

The UA PTN is designed to improve the standard of girls and boys basketball through player development and competitive, quality events. The UA PTN Mid America Region is proud to represent the network in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and portions of Colorado and Wyoming. A major goal is to have clubs work together to enhance the development of athletes and raise the competition level of tournaments.

The UA PTN is committed to helping all athletes take their game to the next level whether they play for a regional, premier, or elite team.



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ˈprädəjē – noun
a person, especially a young one, endowed with exceptional qualities or abilities; an impressive
or outstanding example of a particular quality.

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